R.I.P. P183

Only 29 years old and “P183” also known as the “The Russian Banksy” died. P183, irl his name was probably Pavel or Paul Andropov was as elusive as Banksy and studied communication design at the University of Moscow. An important part of his work were his projections, or “Light Art”. Abandoned buildings, bridges, schools and the Moscow metro were his creative field. P183 gained fame in 2012 after a series of photographs of his work, which was compared with that of Banksy. P183 was not happy and told that his style was more then Banksy’s. His style was not just stencils, but also included projections, fire and critical to society.

About the cause of death, according to Lenta.ru, nothing is known. Was he murdered by the secret service, because he works were critital of the regime? Did he put his own death scene or did he commit suicide-like the Russian activist Aleksandr Dolmatov, because the pressure was too big for him? Whatever the death cause is. He is in our opinion a loss for the art world. Check out his work down here, or on his site, Facebook page, YouTube channel and his LiveJournal. It shows he was not a Banksy clone.

Street-art-of-P183-known--003 Street-art-of-P183-known--004 Street-art-of-P183-known--005 Street-art-of-P183-known--007 Street-art-of-P183-known--008 Street-art-of-P183-known--013


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. P183

  1. Tragedy……. I did not know he was dead. I’ll try to find information about his death, on what some closed forums.

      • His real name is Pavel Pukhov. There are two versions of death. His friend wrote that it was poisoning. Initially, police said that this heart failure, but after that it was completely secret. All official inquiries, the police is responsible that the materials are kept secret. Recently, he had a lot of offers from the west (Europe USA), he is also involved in many projects, so I do not think that it was a suicide. In an interview, he said: If I die today or tomorrow, then I know that I left a lot of his own in this world, and I’m not ashamed.
        If you are interested I will look for more information.

      • Wow thanks dude. And sad to hear.. It’s so sad there are still places in the world where you can’t just be you and stand for what you would like to stand for. Thanks for the information. Highly appreciated.

      • Unfortunately, this is a huge problem. In 2005, he directed the film, which showed the whole truth about the Russian government and society. It is banned in Russia … Perhaps government does not forgive him that. I am very sad that in Russia he was little known. And I learned about his death from you. You have a great blog.

      • Yeah, it is like impossible to change this from the outside. It’s something that has to be dealt with within Russia. Hopefully, some day this will be changed. I didn’t knew he was very little known within Russia, but I am sure one day he will be honored in your country. And all of his work, as being his legacy, will always keep him alive. Thanks for the heads up.

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